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Women are experiencing higher levels of career success than ever before. How did they get there? These are their stories.

What do they do? What was their journey like? What challenges did they face along the way? What advice do they offer?

Cynthia Kirkpatrick, a Senior Financial Advisor at Moneta Group, conducts face to face interviews with women who are at the top of their fields. They reveal the secrets of their success and share their wisdom with you.

The shows contain many unexpected twists and turns, and no rise to the top is without sacrifices. Learn what these women went through and are still going through as they pursue personal and professional greatness.

The She Lift Project Podcast logo

Meet Your Host

Cynthia Kirkpatrick, CFA, CFP

Cynthia Kirkpatrick is a Senior Financial Advisor at Moneta Group

She started the She Lift Project to help successful women find a community to share wisdom, build their network, and offer empathy and support for the specific challenges that working women face.

The podcast allows her to spotlight the brilliance of so many women, in a wide array of fields, and reach a larger audience who may find inspiration in their stories.

New episodes

We publish on the 1st and 3rd on TUESDAY of each MONTH.

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