April 2, 2024

Katherine Flett: Don’t Be a Jerk

Episode 29
“Never deny somebody the opportunity to love you.”

Katherine Flett: Don’t Be a Jerk

Episode 29

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I have a three year old, Nora, and I was going to court that morning, and I was in my full suit and walking out, and she said, mama, you look like a superhero. And it was just, like, the best thing to hear. Because I'm like, "Yes, little girl, I hope you always see a woman in a suit and think that's a superhero."

“Don’t Be A Jerk.” – This is sage advice that Katherine Flett received while taking a class in law school called “Lawyering”. It’s proven to be practical wisdom that has come in handy for Katherine, who is a Principal and Attorney at Danna McKitrick, P.C. 

In episode 29, Cynthia and Katherine discuss various topics including their introduction, Katherine’s expertise in business law and litigation, her journey to becoming a litigator, the concept of being a full-service law firm, the importance of character and dealing with adversity in sports and professional life, the challenges of balancing work as an attorney with being a mother of two children, overcoming impostor syndrome, tips for effective networking such as finding the right group and not focusing on selling but building genuine relationships.

Katherine, an attorney at Danna McKitrick, discusses the importance of networking and building relationships in her profession. She emphasizes the need for intentionality and continuous effort in networking, even during busy periods. Katherine also shares tips for effective networking, such as being genuine, avoiding immediately selling a service or product, and focusing on building relationships rather than solely discussing personal matters. She highlights the significance of social capital and how it can benefit one’s career in the long run. Additionally, Katherine reflects on her experiences as a litigator and offers advice to fellow attorneys about not being a jerk and maintaining professionalism in court. Finally, she expresses her passion for helping people and small businesses navigate legal issues proactively to avoid potential problems down the line.

Show summary:

→ Networking is important for professionals

→ Be intentional about networking efforts

→ Building relationships is crucial for success

→ Social capital plays a significant role in career advancement

→ Avoid immediate sales pitches when networking

→ Maintain professionalism as an attorney during litigation


If you would you like to explore working with these ladies please contact them:

Guest: Katherine Flett – Principal & Attorney, Danna McKitrick, P.C.

Host: Cynthia Kirkpatrick – Senior Financial Advisor, Moneta

Cynthia Kirkpatrick


Show Notes

1: Introduction to the She Lift Project Podcast 00:02
Cynthia Kirkpatrick introduces the podcast and its purpose of helping women succeed in the workplace.

2: Introduction to Cynthia Kirkpatrick 00:14
Cynthia introduces herself as a CPA, CFP, and senior financial advisor at Manetta Group.

3: Interview with Katherine Flett 00:30
Cynthia introduces Katherine Flett, principal attorney at Danna McKittrick.

4: Katherine’s Legal Career 02:03
Katherine discusses her experience as a litigator and how she got into the field.

5: Katherine’s Approach to Work 03:01
Katherine explains that her approach to work came naturally to her.

6: Full-Service Law Firm 03:58
Katherine describes her law firm as a full-service firm that acts as both in-house counsel and out-of-house counsel.

7: Katherine’s Early Career 06:03
Katherine talks about starting her career right out of law school and her first job interview.

8: Overcoming Challenges 09:18
Katherine shares how she dealt with challenges and the importance of perseverance.

9: Finding Passion in Law 14:04
Cynthia and Katherine discuss Katherine’s passion for law and her love for writing and learning.

10: Balancing Personal and Professional Life 26:08
Katherine shares her tips for balancing her role as a mom of two with her professional responsibilities.

11: Networking and Building a Client Base 50:48
Katherine discusses the importance of networking and building relationships to grow her client base.

12: Developing Trial Skills 57:17
Katherine talks about honing her trial skills and the importance of preparation and learning from experienced attorneys.

13: Overcoming Fears and Building Confidence 1:03:08
Katherine shares her experiences of overcoming fears and building confidence in her legal career.

14: Embracing Growth and Learning Opportunities 1:10:38
Katherine emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and seeking opportunities for growth.

15: Summary and Conclusion 1:21:56
Cynthia wraps up the interview and concludes the podcast episode.

Content Notice

This podcast and all She Lift Project content represents the opinions of Cynthia Kirkpatrick and her guests. The content here is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional advice – financial, legal, medical, or otherwise.

Views and opinions expressed in the podcast and across all She Lift Project media channels are our own and do not represent that of our places of work. While we make every effort to ensure that the information we are sharing is accurate, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or correction of errors.

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