May 21, 2024

Kristin Thompson: Juggling Fertility & Finance

Episode 32
“I am comfortable. I feel good about myself, and I think that’s okay to say.”

Kristin Thompson: Juggling Fertility & Finance

Episode 32

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I have always been fearless enough to try new things. And the more you try, the more you fail, and the more you learn. And so I think for women, one, I think sometimes when something's hard, they get talked out of it more than a man. So that's a gaining knowledge experience you're missing out on. Or, two, we sometimes get questioned too much out of trying something new. Are you sure? Are you sure? And then we say, well, maybe I'm not sure.

This episode of the She Lift Project podcast features Kristin Thompson, a Financial Advisor at Renaissance Financial. Host Cynthia Kirkpatrick talks with Kristin about the intersection of her professional life and personal challenges, including motherhood and fertility struggles, shedding light on how these experiences shape women’s careers.

Kristin candidly shares her experiences with fertility treatments providing listeners with insights into balancing personal adversity with professional growth. She also addresses the broader implications of gender stereotypes and the importance of authentic communication in building meaningful business relationships.

Embracing diversity was discussed to gain unique perspectives, with a focus on female representation contributing to success in business settings. She shared experiences on mentorship, learning from failures, and promoting inclusivity in male-dominated industries. They talked about personal growth, authenticity, and the value of advocating for individuality while navigating work-life dynamics and overcoming professional challenges.


Guest Contact Information

Kristin Thompson

Financial Advisor
Renaissance Financial

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Show Notes

Chapter 1: Importance of Sharing Stories (00:02 – 01:29)
00:02: Introduction to the podcast, emphasizing the importance of sharing stories for personal growth and learning.
01:09: Encouragement for women to value and share their own stories for mutual benefit.

Chapter 2: Learning and Growth (03:00 – 04:12)
03:00: Discussion on learning from experiences, challenges, and conflicts to facilitate personal growth.
04:06: Formation of the podcast based on personal learning experiences and the aim to share valuable insights.

Chapter 3: Educational Background and Career Paths (11:29 – 15:06)
11:29: Brief mention of academic studies and the impact on different intelligences.
15:06: Comparison of generational perspectives on career planning and aspirations.

Chapter 4: Financial Planning and Preparation (27:57 – 32:55)
27:57: Focus on financial planning strategies and the importance of preparation for future transitions.
32:55: Acknowledgment of the ongoing process of learning and adapting in financial planning.

Chapter 5: Communication and Professionalism (36:43 – 40:47)
36:43: Discussion on professional behavior and challenges faced during client interactions.
40:47: Emphasis on understanding the client’s narrative on money beyond just numbers.

Chapter 6: Gender Dynamics in Communication (51:02 – 55:24)
51:02: Exploration of gender differences in communication styles and their impact on interactions.
55:24: Reflection on improving communication by being mindful of conversation dynamics.

Chapter 7: Mentorship and Personal Growth (1:19:23 – 1:25:50)
1:19:23: Importance of mentorship and personal development in overcoming internal obstacles.
1:25:50: Emphasis on gradual progression and thorough understanding in mentorship relationships.

Content Notice

This podcast and all She Lift Project content represents the opinions of Cynthia Kirkpatrick and her guests. The content here is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional advice – financial, legal, medical, or otherwise.

Views and opinions expressed in the podcast and across all She Lift Project media channels are our own and do not represent that of our places of work. While we make every effort to ensure that the information we are sharing is accurate, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or correction of errors.

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