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Successful women often feel Isolated

As a successful career woman, you face unique challenges that few others understand.

Men don’t really know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and most women either can’t relate or don’t talk about it.

This leaves you feeling stuck to endure all that stress and pressure alone.

But You Are Not Alone

There are successful women that understand the struggles, pressures, and barriers you face.

They’ve been there and want to help you.

We are a community of professional women that support each other because we will go farther together.

Reach the Top of the Mountain

Introducing the
She Lift Project

The She Lift Project exists to create a smoother, faster path to your success. Our growing list of members, events, and resources will help you every step of the way.


Attend Events and Meet Strong Women

You’ll attend fun meetings and events where you’ll meet women just like you. You’ll connect personally with these ladies and help each other become more successful.


Download Content and Resources

Besides our podcasts, we’ll produce other digital and video content designed to help you grow and excel in life. We can also help you produce your own content to share.


Success is a team sport. Take an active role in becoming a better version of yourself. Be bold and apply what you’ve learned so you can thrive at home and at work.

You Deserve More

Do you really want to go it Alone?

The She Lift Project Podcast logo

Listen to the Podcast

We’ve launched the She Lift Project Podcast to help our members and friends reach more people.

What were the struggles they faced on their path to success? What kind of help did they receive along the way? What advice do they have for other women?

These are their stories.

What People Say About Us

She Lift Testimonials

Benefits of Membership

The She Lift Project is a new organization designed to help women achieve personal and professional excellence. As it scales, the programs and benefits will also increase.

New Connections

Meet other professional women that are facing similar obstacles.

Business Opportunities

Referrals and new opportunities are a natural byproduct of our activities.

Professional Development Resources

Access to public and private resources curated to fuel your growth.

Help Others

Offer guidance and professional services to our members and affiliates.

Relief from Stress & Pressures

The energy you'll get from our members and events will reinvigorate you.

Membership Options

If you’re a woman pursuing professional excellence and would like to surround yourself with a community of other likeminded women, we invite you to apply to join us.

Inner Circle

Annual Membership
$ 199 Monthly
  • One Year Membership
  • Access to All Events
  • Listing in Member Directory
  • Opportunity to Create Content
  • Ability to Host Events
  • Option to Be Featured In She Lift Media
  • Guide the Focus of the Group
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